Samantha Schwann was raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, and stumbled into photography in 2010, trading in a small collection of her Grandfather’s camera gear for her first DSLR.  She travelled to Arizona for the first time on a holiday and was captivated by the beauty of the desert, so different from the landscapes and climate of the coast.

She received formal training in Stone and Metal sculpture, but is self taught in Photography.  She is drawn to the concept of flawed beauty, where the subject is imperfect, incomplete, or transitioning.

Samantha lives in a small town nestled outside of Tucson, Arizona traveling  across the USA, Canada and Mexico to photograph land and seascapes.


Upcoming Exhibitions:

03.15.17: Quadratfudss Juried Exhibition                                                                       Annex:Art, San Fidel, NM


Past Exhibitions:

10.14.17 - 11.09.17: Salon Electra Group Exhibition                                                        Los Angeles Centre For Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA

10.28.17 - 11.19.17: Little By Little Juried Exhibition                                                         Art Intersection, Glendale AZ

Tucson International Airport                                                                                        06.12.17  - 09.15.17

06.22.17 Abstracts Juried Exhibition                                                                 Darkroom Gallery, Essex, VT

02.10.17 - 03.04.17:  Solo Exhibition: Wabi-Sabi Landscapes                                   Casa Grande Art Museum

09.17.16 - 03.19-17: Phoenix Airport Museum                                                        Phoenix Airport Museum, Arizona

03.05.16: Arizona Artist's Guild Statewide Juried Exhibition                                 Gallery Glendale, Glendale AZ

01.30.16: SIS In The City Group Exhibition                                                                  Eloy, AZ

10.12.15: Snap To Grid Exhibition                                                                                    Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA

05.30.15: All Art Arizona Juried Exhibition                                                                     Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ

03.06.15: Arizona Artist's Guild Statewide Juried Exhibition                                 Gallery Glendale, Glendale AZ

03.06.15: Eyes of the Beholder Juried Exhibition                                             Herberger Theatre Center, Phoenix, AZ

02.28.15: Abstracts: The Alternative Eye Juried Exhibition                                      1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

08.26.14 Light, Space and Time Juried Exhibition                                                 Special Recognition Award: "Pier Abstract No. 3"                                     

01.04.13-01.10.13  Group Exhibition "The Story of the Creative"                                 See|Me Gallery, NY, USA

 11.01.12 - 11.14.12  Solo Exhibition "C7D-iP3"                                                      Beaumont Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada


Sports Photography Published in:

Parachutist (USA)*

Blue Skies Magazine (USA)*

Tunnel Rats Magazine (USA)*

DropZone Magazine (Dubai)

Freifall Express (Germany)*

90Percent (France)

CanPara (Canada)

*denotes images have been selected for magazine cover, as well as interior.